Our Annual Report 2016 – 2017

Posted: October 4, 2017

It’s Out!

We’re happy to release our latest annual report, Prevention, Intervention & Healing, full of program results, pics of our clients, staff and friends and descriptions of the life-saving work we do, with your help.

Youth ALIVE!’s annual report, 2016-2017

Dear Youth ALIVE! Supporter,


My work at Youth ALIVE! is personal to me. After a period of creating havoc on the streets in my own neighborhood, I outgrew that urge and developed a wholly new one: to make amends. Because I had experienced the way violence creates trauma and how the destructive symptoms of trauma lead to more violence, I understood that healing was the key. I have since dedicated my career to healing the community I once wounded, as Deputy Director of Youth ALIVE!, and as a practicing therapist. To acknowledge the role trauma plays in community violence is not to excuse bad behavior. In fact, I think it is a way of seeing the impact of violence as as even greater, as longer lasting and as more wide-spread than previously understood… Read more of John’s letter in Prevention, Intervention & Healing, our annual report for 2016-2017,



Big thanks to Caitlin Lang and Liquid Form Design for beautiful work on the report.