Teens Finding Success as Community Leaders

Posted: March 21, 2014

Teens on Target, Youth Alive!’s peer education program, is training teens to be community leaders and educators and is successfully helping young people find positive alternatives to violence.

TNT Results

  • Almost 100% of TNT Peer Educators graduate from high schools that have graduation rates of only 40%.
  • 80-90% tell us they resolved a conflict that once would have ended in a fight.
  • Twice as many TNT Peer Educators said they were “very likely to look for alternatives to violent situations” after participating in the program.
  • Two-thirds fewer students believe it is ever okay to hit a girlfriend or boyfriend.
  • 90% fewer students believed having a gun made them safer.

Read more about the life-changing work we’re doing with Teens on Target.

You’re the first person who gave me hope that I could change – because you used to be like me, and you changed. I never had hope before.

— 17-year-old gang member to a Peer Educator in a TNT workshop

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