Hospital-Based Violence Intervention in The Guardian

Posted: May 4, 2020

Early Intervention Brings Victims Hope –

An article in The Guardian features illuminating interviews with two former victims of gun violence who were clients of Youth ALIVE!’s Caught in the Crossfire (CiC) hospital-based violence intervention program (HVIPs). CiC was the nation’s first program to recognize the benefit to young victims of having someone from their community, who understands the effects of deep trauma, to support them on their very difficult path to healing. Now staff from HVIPs, as they are known, step into victims’ lives in dozens of cities across America (for info, see the website of The Health Alliance for Violence Intervention, aka The HAVI). More and more the nation sees gun violence as a public health issue that can be solved through a public health approach, and through healing. Caheri Gutierrez (former YA! Teens On Target violence prevention educator) and Jeremy Posey tell their emotional, painful, triumphant stories of violence and a fight to get back to life. YA Intervention Director Kyndra Simmons is also interviewed. Kyndra had this to say:

“When people are in the hospital and in crisis they need guidance through that moment. Some people just want to feel safe again. And we have violence interrupters that can help them plan that out.” – YA! Intervention Director Kyndra Simmons speaking to The Guardian

Read the article here: Shot in Their Friend’s Car: survivors on learning how to live after a shooting