Ricardo Garcia-Acosta on KALW’s Your Call

Posted: October 17, 2018

“Jobs Save Lives. Jobs Stop Bullets”

KALW-Radio-BannerYouth ALIVE!’s Ricardo Garcia-Acosta was a guest on KALW’s Your Call with Rose Aguilar recently, for a panel discussion of community-based efforts to increase safety and prevent violence. Ricardo joined Rose and James Favel, founder of Bear Clan Patrol, a Winnipeg-based group that supports people in need and helps then find missing loved ones. Ricardo had some fantastic things to say about the needs of our clients in a time of change for Oakland. “Jobs save lives. Jobs stop bullets. Folks feel like they have to hustle because they don’t fit into this city that’s changing. We need to find ways to get them the skills they need to tap into the growth of the city.” He also spoke to the need for everyone to contribute, to “step outside your comfort zone and do something.” Listen to the whole fascinating conversation here.