Poem for Youth Alive!

Posted: November 11, 2011

2011-11 Youth Alive 20th Anniversary-0845Marianne Williams, a Teens on Target Youth Leader, wrote this poem for Youth ALIVE! She performed it at Youth ALIVE!’s 20th Anniversary Celebration on November 10, 2011.

Poem for Youth Alive

They say anything is possible
You must dream like you’ve never seen obstacles
But that’s hard to obtain for all the young teens that’s been slain
I pray the family enduring all this pain would look to God for all this distraught
And be blessed from the demons fought
But the hurt would last for more than a while
I can only imagine how it feels to lose a child

I never stop seeing violence
The only stopping they’ll do is for sirens
No father in the homes so this generation is wildin’
Kids seeing mom taking care of her child
Something they been seeing for a while
Mothers or grandmothers get the credibility
‘Cause mothers and fathers couldn’t do it and grandma felt pity
So their kids have to suffer, looking for acceptance from another male
This would eventually fail
Because young men are killing each other as they hate themselves
And girls falling in the arms of a male because they made her melt
See it’s times like that, that should make you really wonder
Who the real image is and who the real fronters
Will it ever slow up? People get older but they never grow up
No, they’ll do their sons like their fathers did and never show up
Our people free but our mind’s still in the chains
People killing each other, the blood shedding’s a shame
There’s another homicide in Oakland again

It’s okay to cry about, it’s just another episode of life
So watch the whole season and there’s no reruns
The devil is taking souls and there’s no refunds