Teens on Target Youth Leaders Take the City

Posted: April 20, 2016

It’s the most active and exciting time of year for our Teens on Target youth leaders. Since late January and on through the spring, TNT teams from Castlemont High and Life Academy have been taking their comprehensive violence prevention curriculum to middle school students throughout Oakland.

Before the school year is out, TNT youth leaders, with a big assist from some old friends like the great Sherman Spears, creator of Caught in the Crossfire, will have presented their six-part violence prevention curriculum to hundreds of middle school students. They cover everything from guns and gang violence to family and dating violence. They have become experts at making the topics personally and culturally relevant.

Our TNT presenters say you can see the light go on in the young students’ eyes. Over the course of six presentations, they come to understand the root causes of violence and how to prevent it from happening. And the TNT youth leaders feel the power of the change they are making. All their hard work, all the time put in after school, is paying off in enlightenment and empowerment for Oakland.

TNT presentation 2.2