That Voice of Experience Sounds So Young

Posted: August 8, 2019

TNT Youth Leaders on KALW:

Even when they’re sharing their expertise on critical topics, like how violence affects their communities and how to prevent violence, the voice of youth is a refreshing sound. On August 7th, KALW’s Your Call Radio with Rose Aguilar invited Teens on Target on the air for a discussion about what youth are doing to prevent violence in the Bay Area. Of course, as we know, they’re doing a lot. TNT youth educators are teaching violence prevention workshops in Oakland middle schools, speaking to activists in Washington, informing civic and community leaders about life in East Oakland and generally just showing that young people care about their city.

On the radio, TNT youth leaders and Castlemont High School students Seven Curley and Gregory Hampton joined YA! Executive Director Anne Marks to provide insights on the root causes of violence, on what works and what doesn’t to prevent violence, and about issues that relate directly to the rise and fall of violence like gentrification and displacement. These are all issues Greg and Seven can speak to from personal experience and as the show’s producer told us, “It was a powerful show.” Listen to it here.