TNT youth leader Greg Hampton on gun violence crisis

Posted: February 18, 2020

An Urgent Plea from TNT –

Gregory Hampton, right, in San Diego at the Team Enough Summit with friend and fellow TNT youth leader, Jaymes Fitzpatrick.

Castlemont senior and Teens on Target youth leader Gregory Hampton continues to make his voice heard, locally and nationally. Greg has been part of TNT trips to address groups in Washington, DC and San Diego. He starred in a Youth ALIVE! video, and now, working with our friends at Everytown for Gun Safety, he has penned an urgent plea to address our nation’s crisis of gun violence. From Gun Violence Has Been a Crisis In Our Country for Too Long:

I lost friends to gun violence when I was younger, and it helped me realize that this can be a never-ending cycle if we don’t do something to stop it. I didn’t want to lose any more people close to me so I took the opportunity to be part of a program that fights against gun violence in my community.

Young people play a critical role in fighting back against gun violence. We have the chance to use our voices to speak up on the way it impacts us. We have to take opportunities to speak on behalf of our community and younger generations so they are set up to have a better future — a future free from violence.

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