TNT Youth Leaders on Violence Prevention During the Pandemic

Posted: May 29, 2020

TNT Voices & Insights –

TNT youth leaders from Castlemont and Fremont high schools were asked by Youth Today to give their thoughts on life during the pandemic and especially on violence an violence prevention in this difficult time. As always, they had lots of good, thoughtful things to say. Read the article here.

From the article –

Preventing violence is especially important at this time because of the lack of resources we have due to COVID-19. Hospital beds are being taken up from people affected by this virus and the constant struggle of having people rushed to the hospital for a gunshot wound caused by a minor disagreement is just not acceptable. Social distancing itself is helping but the stress from the poverty that comes with people losing their jobs also plays a part into the violence.

—Kimberly Higareda, 14, Fremont High School freshman


Gun Violence Prevention Is Essential, Especially During Coronavirus