Tuesday Town Hall on OPD Use of Force Policies

Posted: September 18, 2020

Have Your Say Tuesday at 5 –



Brandon D. Anderson- Founder, Raheem Survey
Allyssa Victory- Use of force expert, ACLU
Isha Rosemond- Leadership & Advocacy Coordinator, MISSSEY

Join us online as we bring together experts and community members to discuss ways the Oakland Police Department can change their use of force policy. There will also be an update on the progress of the Raheem Survey interim report and an opportunity for community voices to be involved in the process.

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In July, Raheem – the independent service for reporting police – announced a three-month study the organization is conducting to move residents to the center of policymaking and inform a new police use-of-force policy in Oakland. The study will end on September 30, 2020, and was authorized by Oakland’s Police Commission, the group of residents appointed by the mayor and city council to oversee the Oakland Police Department. Raheem will use the results of the study to put forward policy recommendations to the Commission so that it can rewrite the official policy governing the use of force by the Oakland Police Department. Have your say Tuesday at 5.