Historic Proposal for Violence Prevention Funding

Posted: June 14, 2021

Governor Proposes $200M –

Gun violence — and its human toll in lives lost and devastated victims and families — has risen in Oakland and across the nation over the past 18 months of our COVID-related public-health crisis, pandemic lock-down, economic devastation and political chaos. Even in the less violent years we had experienced previous to this surge, services for traumatized victims were underfunded and not at levels necessary to address the true scale of the problem and the need. Youth ALIVE! Advocacy Manager Gabriel Garcia expressed the situation with great clarity in his recent piece in Capitol Weekly, Historic Spike in Gun Violence Demands Response from Newsom.

Well, the Governor responded indeed, proposing a record $200M for State violence prevention and intervention programs. Now we need to make sure the legislature maintains this level of funding in the final budget it returns to the Governor for approval.

Call or write your representatives in the State legislature to let them know you back the Governor’s proposal.