Victim Compensation Gave Out Less

Posted: March 8, 2022

More claims rejected –

YA!’s Jasmine Hardison

Guardian reporters spoke with Khadafy Washington Project Manager Jasmine Hardison about the crucial role victims compensation plays in helping survivors of violence heal and get their lives back together:

“People who are on the lower side of the socioeconomic scale have to rely on these resources to pay for hospital expenses. Often we find that people don’t have life insurance, they’re in subsidized housing and they may be working full time, but they’re still falling below the poverty line. Finances can add another traumatic layer to the scenario.”

– Youth ALIVE!’s Jasmine Hardison

From The Guardian

The California agency that serves as a last resort for crime survivors and families of crime victims in need of financial support gave out nearly $6m less in the first year of the pandemic than it did in the year before, an analysis of the agency’s annual reports reveals, with compensation declining for all major types of crime apart from homicides. Read the article in The Guardian.