The Youth ALIVE! Community Circle

Youth ALIVE! continues to be Oakland’s anchor agency for violence prevention, intervention and healing because of our profound community support.

Our Community Circle

Youth ALIVE!’s Community Circle is an ever-expanding group of supporters from the community whose belief and faith in the work we do inspired them to pledge at least $1,000 over 5 years. The Community Circle was founded in the fall of 2019, when 29 supporters of Youth ALIVE!’s mission joined this giving society by making our first 5-year giving pledges.

Join Youth ALIVE!’s new multi-year force for giving. The Community Circle features three giving levels, each representing one of our long-time organizational values of Community, Courage and Relentlessness:

  • Community Builders pledge $1,000 or more per year for 5 years
  • Courageous Community Builders pledge $10,000 or more per year
  • Relentless Community Builders pledge $25,000 or more per year

For more information, please contact Community Building Team Manager Lauren Greenberg at, or 510-333-5620.