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Khadafy Washington Project

The Khadafy Washington Project is our crisis response program which brings emotional, practical, and financial support to families of Oakland homicide victims.

About kwp

The Khadafy Washington Project (KWP) sends crisis responders into the immediate aftermath of each Oakland homicide to support families and friends of the victim. KWP provides emergency financial assistance, relocation services, urgent help applying for victim compensation and planning funerals. KWP staff and Youth Alive counselors hold regular healing circles for families of Oakland homicide victims.

kwp History

The Khadafy Washington Project (KWP) at Youth ALIVE! was born from a deeply personal tragedy. When Khadafy Washington was killed in 2000 just two months after graduating, his mother Marilyn found herself navigating the aftermath alone. Determined to prevent others from enduring such isolation, Marilyn took action. She erected billboards across Oakland, demanding accountability for Khadafy’s death. These bold messages sparked marches and raised awareness about the city’s violence epidemic.

Marilyn’s mission evolved into a hands-on approach, offering support to grieving families immediately after a homicide. She provided practical assistance, emotional comfort, and financial aid to ensure dignified burials for victims. Recognizing the profound impact of her work, Marilyn joined forces with Youth Alive in 2011, expanding her reach and influence.

Today, the KWP continues Marilyn’s legacy, empowering survivors and advocating for peace. Through her foundation and the KWP, Marilyn honors Khadafy’s memory, bringing solace and healing to Oakland’s grieving communities.

KWP Impact

families of homicide victims were supported by KWP Crisis Responders in 2023.
family members supported in 12 Circle of Care sessions in 2023.
Your unwavering generosity, empathy, and understanding have been nothing short of a lifeline, and we cannot thank you enough for your help. It was a time when we needed someone to lean on, to offer us guidance and compassion, and you stepped up without hesitation. You provided practical advice, emotional support, and the resources we needed to navigate through these difficult times. Your kindness and empathy have made a significant impact on our lives, and we appreciate your help more than words can express. We’ll be forever grateful. We feel incredibly lucky to have met you.