Listen to Our Youth, Get Optimistic

Posted: February 17, 2021

TNT’s Undaunted Commitment –

We’re continuously impressed by the dynamism of our Teens on Target youth leaders at Castlemont and Fremont High Schools, and especially these days by how quickly they have adapted to online platforms to get their message out. Their undaunted commitment to creating a safer, fairer city is inspiring. As hard as things are these days, meeting and listening to them simply leaves you feeling optimistic. Since the pandemic began, TNT youth leaders have been as busy as ever, speaking at conferences and public forums and just participating in the public conversation. In December, several TNT youth leaders, including Kimberly Higareda, spoke at a conference organized with Vision Quilt and Oakland Frontline Healers. Vision Quilt works to prevent violence. They encourage young people to use art to express how gun violence affects their lives and to highlight what they feel needs to change. participated as well. OFC is an alliance of organizations and volunteers providing a wide range of crucial services in the community, including help with housing and homelessness, re-entry, violence prevention and access to Covid-19 testing and health care.

At the December conference, as TNT Coordinator MaryAnn Alvarado put it, TNT youth leaders “spoke about violence the Oakland youth community face during these trying times, COVID19, sheltering in place, online learning and virtual EVERYTHING!“  You can hear the voices of youth, the challenges, and feel the optimism, here.