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KTVU State of the Town featuring TNT Youth Leader Kendall Erving, Board member Caheri Gutierrez

Posted April 30, 2024

Youth Alive! Board Member, TNT Leader, Interviewed on KTVU State of the Town

KTVU news reached out former Youth Alive! client, staff member, and now current Board member Caheri Gutierrez, Director of Communications and Public Relations at Unity Council to talk about what positive things are going on in Oakland to prevent violence, heal crime, and secure a better future. True to form, Caheri made sure our youth were represented. TNT youth leader Kendall Irving welcomed to opportunity to share her perspective and uplift the importance of programs like Teens on Target and agencies like Youth Alive!, who support young people in their quest towards brighter, more peaceful futures. 

When Christina first reached out to me about doing the segment, I said  ‘Yes but . . . there has to be a youth voice at the table. -Caheri Gutierrez.


Watch the full segment here.