Youth ALIVE! works to help violently wounded people heal themselves and their community. Our mission is to prevent violence and create young leaders through programs focusing on PREVENTION, INTERVENTION, and HEALING.


Prevention Programs

Teens on Target (TNT)
TNT trains high school students and young adults from neighborhoods with high levels of violence to be Peer Educators.

Advocacy for Change
Our staff and youth leaders work with civic, state and federal leaders to design and pass sensible policies that reduce gun, gang, family and dating violence.

Speak Up, Speak Out

Our speakers bureau. It’s a training program for youth and adults impacted by violence, who are ready to inform the world with their stories of resilience and their ideas for change.

Intervention Programs

Caught in the Crossfire
Caught in the Crossfire is a hospital-based peer intervention program designed to promote positive alternatives to violence and to reduce retaliation, re-inury and arrest.

Violence Interruption
Our Violence Interrupters take to the most dangerous streets at the most dangerous times of night to engage young people, to diffuse tensions, mediate conflicts and encourage alternatives to violence.

Adult mentorship program that helps young people make the transition back home from incarceration, back into school, and back into stability.

Healing Programs

Khadafy Washington Project
The Khadafy Washington Project provides critical response to family and friends of homicide victims in order to prevent retaliation and promote healing.

Counseling Services
Our clinical mental health counselors provide support in the trenches with our intervention workers.

START: Screening & Tool for Awareness & Relief of Trauma
START is a tool we developed with a group of young men recovering from their own gunshot wounds, to help identify otherwise neglected symptoms of trauma.