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Gloria Morales

Crisis Responder

Gloria Morales, a seasoned advocate with nearly two decades of experience, currently serves as a Crisis Responder with the Khadafy Washington Project at Youth ALIVE!, bringing a unique blend of passion and personal commitment to her role.

Born in Nicaragua, Gloria came to the United States as a toddler where she was raised in the San Francisco Mission District. Gloria’s early life experiences shaped her into a resilient individual, navigating the challenges of a bustling urban environment where she often found herself assuming responsibilities beyond her years.

In reflecting on her journey, Gloria emphasizes the crucial importance of supportive and caring work environments, especially in a field where burnout and vicarious trauma are prevalent. Having worked in various settings, she notes that Youth ALIVE! stands out as an organization genuinely concerned about the well-being of its staff, recognizing the significance of self-care in the demanding field of crisis response.

Gloria’s motivation to engage in this line of work stems from personal reasons and a desire to make a positive impact on others, rooted in her own experiences surviving trauma. Growing up in an environment where she witnessed the harsh realities of human trafficking and faced the challenges of a strict upbringing, Gloria draws strength from her tenacity and commitment to helping families in crisis.

Her passion for advocacy and support was ignited by a compassionate social worker who played a pivotal role during her own healing journey. This inspiration fueled Gloria’s determination to break the cycle of isolation that often accompanies trauma and to offer assistance to those in need.

Gloria’s childhood experiences of questioning authority and standing up against oppression have translated into her advocacy work. She is a firm believer in empowering individuals to voice their opinions and seek justice, drawing from her own encounters with bullying and exclusion.

Headshot of Crisis Responder Gloria Morales