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Hidemi Crosse

Finance Manager

Meet Hidemi Crosse, our Finance Manager at Youth ALIVE!, whose journey is as diverse as the organization she supports. Originally from Tokyo, Japan, and of Korean descent, Hidemi’s path led her to California in 1998. With a background of 10 years in a senior accounting position at Save Mt. Diablo, Hidemi was looking for work whose mission she felt aligned with, which is what attracted her to Youth ALIVE!.

Intrigued by the unique missions of Youth ALIVE!’s programs, Hidemi was drawn to Youth ALIVE! after learning about the needs and impactful solutions after browsing the agency’s website.

Hidemi wants people to know that, despite her initial shyness, she has an open mind and values effective communication and cares deeply about contributing to the diversity and inclusivity of Youth ALIVE!. She believes in the importance of fostering connections in a diverse setting, recognizing it as a cornerstone for successful collaboration.

Hidemi appreciates the transparent and honest environment at Youth ALIVE!, where everyone has the opportunity to share their feelings and voice their opinions. In her role as Finance Manager, she plays a crucial part in supporting the organization’s financial health, ensuring resources are directed toward fulfilling the mission of Youth ALIVE! – a mission that Hidemi wholeheartedly fell in love with.

Before joining Youth ALIVE!, Hidemi often pondered the situations of those who have experienced violence and wondered how they could be helped. Now, as a dedicated member of the team, she brings her financial expertise to contribute to the overarching goal of empowering communities affected by violence.

In her own words, Hidemi is not just a Finance Manager; she is “a passionate advocate for change, committed to working towards a mission and program that will make a positive impact on people’s lives.”

Headshot of Finance Manager Hidemi Crosse