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Keith Wesley

Violence Interrupter

Meet Keith Wesley, a dedicated Violence Interrupter with deep roots in the heart of East Oakland. Born and raised in Deep East Oakland, Keith has a rich history intertwined with the community, and his journey from the streets to a positive force for change is a testament to his resilience and commitment.

Having known Violence Interrupter team manager Glen Upshaw and former lead Violence Interrupter Nina Carter for nearly three decades, Keith’s connection with them goes beyond professional collaboration. Growing up together in Deep East Oakland, Keith witnessed the transformative impact Glen and Nina were making in their neighborhood, inspiring him to inquire about their work.

The catalyst for Keith’s dedication to community service was the birth of his two daughters. His paternal instincts fueled a passion to create a better life for them, instilling a sense of responsibility and a commitment to being a positive influence. Both of his daughters are now thriving in their own pursuits.

Motivated by the examples set by Nina and Glen, who emerged from the same challenging environment and transformed their lives, Keith aspires to be a positive influence on the same streets where he once contributed to problems. His satisfaction comes from connecting with individuals on a personal level, offering advice that positively impacts their lives.

Keith emphasizes his humility and fairness, striving to treat everyone on an equal footing. He believes in the common humanity that unites us all, emphasizing that circumstances shape individuals, but beneath the surface, everyone is human, filled with love, humility, and family values.

Keith shares: “I’m just an Oakland street kid trying to make it better for the next generation on the same streets that I grew up on."

Headshot of Violence Interrupter  Keith Wesley