Youth ALIVE! is committed to advocacy and research to promote what works to prevent violence and save lives. The materials on this page include our self-published materials as well as articles we have authored.

Caught in the Crossfire Replication

violenceispreventable_coverViolence is Preventable: A Best Practices Guide for Launching & Sustaining a Hospital-based Program to Break the Cycle of Violence (2011)

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cic_manual_cover.2Caught in the Crossfire Program Manual: A Peer-based Hospital Intervention Program for Violently Injured Youth (2009)




Teens on Target Replication

Teens on Target Violence Prevention Curriculum (2001), published by Educational Media
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Teens on Target Program Manual (2001)
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Teens on Target Advocacy Manual (2001)
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Articles in Academic Journals

Prevention Professional for Violence Intervention: A Newly Recognized Health Care Provider for Population Health Programs (Journal of Healthcare for the Poor and Underserved, 2019)

The START Screening Tool: Advancing Traumatic Injury Interventions by Collaborating with Young Men of Colour Exposed to Violence (Injury Prevention, 2015)

Hospital-centered violence intervention programs: a cost-effectiveness analysis (Journal of American Surgery, 2015)

Hospital-based violence intervention programs save lives and money (Journal of Trauma, 2013)

Decreasing the Supply of and Demand for Guns: Oakland’s Youth Advocacy Project (Journal of Urban Health, 2013)

Benefits of a Hospital-Based Peer Intervention Program for Violently Injured Youth (Journal of the American College of Surgeons, 2007)

The Supply and Demand for Guns to Juveniles: Oakland’s Gun Tracing Project (Journal of Urban Health, 2005)

Caught in the Crossfire: The Effects of a Peer-based Intervention Program for Violently Injured Youth (Journal of Adolescent Health, 2004)

Articles in Media

‘Time for a new vision’: violence is a public health issue that requires community driven solutions. Opinion piece by Youth ALIVE! staff Kyndra Simmons and Anne Marks and Cure Violence Global’s Gary Slutkin and AT Mitchell, published in The Guardian on July 20, 2020.

The unsung heroes of Oakland’s drastic decline in gun homicides. Opinion piece by Anne Marks, Youth ALIVE! Executive Director, published in The Guardian on December 12, 2019.

Gun Violence Prevention Is Essential, Especially During Coronavirus. Opinion piece by Teens on Target, published in Youth Today on May 29, 2020.

Healing in Color

Released beginning in January 2018, the Healing in Color series of action briefs summarizes what we learned from young men of color about trauma and what steps can be taken by the organizations and institutions to better meet their needs and promote their healing.

Action Brief #1: There is No “Post”: How Trauma and Violence Affect the Lives of Young Males of Color

Action Brief #2: ‘Ain’t nobody gonna come back because you didn’t do nothin’ while I was there’: Making your Organization Responsive to BMoC

Action Brief #3: Screening & Tool for Awareness & Relief of Trauma (START): A practical application of Trauma-Informed Care 

Supporting Male Survivors of Violence

From 2015 to 2020, Youth ALIVE!’s Healing Justice Alliance was a partnership with Cure Violence, NNHVIP (now The HAVI) and the Berkeley Media Studies Group to provide training and technical assistance to programs around the country that support male survivors of violence. As part of that effort, we published several briefs and toolkits to support violence intervention programs: