Hear The Voices of Survivors

Survivors Needs & Rights On the first day of October we gathered with our comrades at Broken By Violence (BBV) and Crime Survivors for Safety & […]

On to the Assembly!

The Journey of SB 299 Continues – In May, SB 299, our bill to make victims of police violence eligible for victim compensation and to expand […]

California Must Act to Save Lives

Investing in Violence Prevention       In Capitol Weekly, Youth ALIVE! Policy & Advocacy Manager Gabriel Garcia breaks down why the state of California must […]

Priorities for Reimagining Public Safety

Letter to City Council and the Mayor – Youth ALIVE! is Oakland’s anchor community organization for violence prevention, intervention, and healing. Our community of staff, volunteers, […]

Legislative Victory for Trauma Victims

But We Need Your Help – There is financial compensation available to victims of violence. It can make a major difference in their lives, covering funeral […]

Us Against the Problem

Stop AAPI Hate!   In Support of Asian Lives and Against White Supremacy – Youth ALIVE! stands in solidarity with Asian American community members and organizations […]