YA! Staff Back in Sac

Posted: April 6, 2022

Advocacy for a Victim Recovery Support –

Kyndra Simmons testifies
See the testimony here.

Traumatized victims should have access to the crucial healing work of violence prevention professionals like those on the staffs of our programs. That was the point made forcefully before the Legislature in Sacramento on April 5th by YA! Policy and Advocacy Director Gabriel Garcia and former YA! Intervention Director Kyndra Simmons. Gabriel and Kyndra were testifying in support of AB 1929, a bill to create a Community Violence Prevention and Recovery Program under the Medi-Cal system.

Sometimes a victim’s emotional wounds take longer to heal than their physical injuries. Left unattended, this emotional trauma can fester, intensify, cause mental and physical health to deteriorate. Unhealed trauma influences behavior and often leads to further violence. Fortunately healing is possible. Violence prevention professionals like the staff of our programs are trained in recognizing and helping victims heal their lasting trauma. Not only are they trained, but many have experienced violence personally, they have been where the victim is and can fall back on their own experiences in helping their clients. Victims of violence have a right to heal, a right to support from their community and their government.