Free Online Legislative Briefing on April 21

Posted: April 8, 2020

What’s the Talk in Sacramento?

Youth ALIVE! Policy and Advocacy Manager Gabriel Garcia will speak live from Sacramento via Zoom on Tuesday afternoon, April 21st at 4 p.m. to inform us on the state of the State Legislature during the Covid-19 shelter-in-place era.

What’s the talk in the State Capital? Will the legislature meet again? What about a State budget, which the State constitution requires the legislature to pass by June 15? When they do return, will they address, or even consider, any legislation not directly related to Covid-19 relief? What are our policy goals for our community and our city? How does violence prevention, intervention and healing figure in to this pandemic? How do we integrate staff, clients and young people into our policy concerns and our work to make Oakland and California safer, fairer places for everyone?

Register for the approximately half-hour briefing here.