YA!’s Wazi Davis Named 2016 Torchbearer

Posted: June 23, 2016

The Greenlining Institute recognized Wazi Davis in the fight for freedom, for opportunity, and to lift barriers of race and gender

Wazi Davis Bears the Torch of Freedom

Wazi and award
Wazi receives the 2016 Torchbearer Award from the Greenlining Institute

Every year the Greenlining Institute, an East Bay social justice organization, gives their Torchbearer award to a former Institute fellow who continues to blaze trails, to create opportunity and equality, to lift barriers of race and gender. We were thrilled, but not surprised, when Youth ALIVE! lead violence prevention educator Wazi Davis was named this year’s Torchbearer awardee at the Greenlining Institute’s Economic Summit in late May. Wazi did a fellowship at the Greenlining Institute in 2014, researching the often dire situation undocumented people encounter when they need health care. He looked for ways they might participate in the expansion of health care services under the Affordable Care Act. He also looked at ways their plight was similar to that of others unjustly forced to function underground or on the outside, particularly those in the Queer-Trans community. Wazi joined the YA! staff in 2014 and has continued to work here and in the community, including with Black Lives Matter, to bring freedom and safety to all people affected by violence and oppression. Read more about the Greenlining Institute’s 2016 Economic Summit.