We Never Stopped: Our Annual Report 2020-2021

Posted: September 2, 2021

Youth ALIVE! Turns 30 –

Today, Youth ALIVE! releases its 2020-2021 annual report, We Never Stopped: Preventing Violence & Saving Lives for 30 Years. It’s full of great pictures old and new. There are results from the work of our programs over the last year, and lots of history: of our founding and our evolution, as well as the evolution of the nation’s appreciation for the power of community violence intervention and healing.

What did we never stop doing? As Youth ALIVE! board member and original Teens on Target youth leader Mike Munson writes in his introduction to the report:

…if you ever feel yourself losing interest or sympathy or hope, just look to Youth ALIVE!. Remember that Youth ALIVE! never stopped. Even during the worst of COVID, we never stopped bringing love, attention, healing, hope, alternatives to violence, pressure on the powers that be, never stopped empowering kids like me. For generations now.